hikingNice to meet you!  My name is Lisa, and I could easily be classified as a “granola girl.”  I am a vegetarian-bordering-on-veganism.  My favorite shoes are my Keene hiking boots.  I am super passionate about the mission of Sustain Charlotte, a nonprofit for which I serve as Board Chair.  I am an environmentalist, and I’m obsessed with documentaries about sustainable food production.  At the same time, I love my Lexus (hybrid of course!), and I covet sparkly things.  I enjoy good food, good wine, and my electric blanket.

Surely, there are other women (and men!) who are unapologetic when it comes to their concern and care for the environment, yet also love living the good life, which, IMHO includes delicious foods, heated car seats, and well-made clothes. 5.2464 Lisa Lenhart

My two passions often create an internal conflict that I’m forever trying to resolve!  In my blog, I will explore these conflicts and share my favorite stories of sustainability, yoga, hiking, veganism, and how this all relates in a world of beautiful possessions and modern conveniences!