Wild & Wonderful Wanderlust Event Review

yoga quoteHappy Sunday morning!  I am enjoying a bit of peace and quiet and some chamomile tea before starting my day, and reflecting on the events of my busy Saturday.  The weekend started out with a mindfulness triathlon!  You read that right!  I’ve never had the time, energy, patience or skill to tackle the typical triathlon, but I’m all about a triple threat of mindfulness!

This magical mindfulness trithalon was hosted by Wanderlust.  Until the invitation for this event started popping up in my facebook feed, I had never heard of the company.  There are some brilliant minds behind the Wanderlust concept.  Their mission is

“…to help you find your true north — to cultivate your best self. We create events, media, products, and experiences to guide you on your path toward a healthy and inspired life. Join us.”

The company offers yoga teacher training, multi-day festivals, and one-day events around the country and world!  What started out as a small business comprised of three good friends who knew how to throw a party has turned into a global organization with offices worldwide.  They appeal to the yoga-community with their mindfulness and positive vibes messaging.  I am hooked!

ladies at wanderlustThe Wanderlust 108 event held in Charlotte yesterday included a 5k race (which was NOT timed…how could I remain mindful when I’m going for a PR?), a solid 75-minute yoga practice, and guided meditation, all for around $50.  For a slightly higher fee, participants could get their flow on with aerial yoga too.  The race portion of the event probably could come across as being out of place in an event that is all about being present, but as we stretched for the 15 minutes prior to the launch, we were encouraged to set an intention for the race, and be mindful throughout our run.  I’ve seriously never approached running in this manner, and the positive vibes with which we set out our journey really helped me to feel more connected to all of the race participants!

The men and women who led the events were full of life and energy!  In fact, the emcee was mega-mindful DJ Taz, who was spinning beats in the background of our yoga practice and handing out high-fives along the race course.

At one point, our yoga practice turned into nothing short of a party while DJ Taz led us in positive, peace-sign filled dancing and encouraged us to crowd the stage.preparing for yoga

I left the event feeling a heightened sense of connection and content.  With all the
craziness in the world, we all (but especially Americans I bet) need to take more time to reflect on our connection to one another and all living beings, and focus on spreading a message of positivism.

Have you ever participated in a similar event or retreat?  I will totally seek out events like this in the future…and I would even travel to other Wanderlust events here in the States.  Two thumbs up for Wanderlust from this girl!

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